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How to Make a Braided Rug
Little House Crafts & Activities

Pioneers often found themselves with scraps of fabric left over, either fabric left from cutting out fabric scraps, or from old clothes that were no longer serviceable for wearing, but were perfectly fine for making rugs from.


  • Fabric scraps, cut into strips 3 inches wide (for a thicker rug, you can cut them into 4, 5 or 6 inches wide, but make sure all strips are the same width)
  • Heavy weight thread, matching the most dominant color in your fabric scraps, or in gray.
  • Heavy needle for sewing (ask an adult for help).


  1. To begin, sew three separate strips together at one end. You can also tie a secure knot instead.
  2. Begin braiding tightly. You can tie the end to something secure such as a chair or table leg, which will make it easier for you to quickly braid while keeping the braid tight.
  3. As you get to the end of a strip, you sew or knot a new strip on, and then keep braiding.
  4. When you have used all your scraps, you then begin at one end and coil it. You or an adult can then braid the edges together, until you reach the end of the braid.




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